Ventura Centrale

17 - 22 april 2018
Milano, Italy

The surprising contrast between the Central Station tunnels, Magazzini Raccordati, and the enthralling installations, worked its magic once again at the second edition of Ventura Centrale. Over 55.000 visitors visited these grand and inspiring spaces. They discovered wooden giants, illuminated origami lamps, colorful tape, and were even confronted with the audible potential of glass.

The 2018 edition of Ventura Centrale hosted the following exhibitors: Stephan Hürlemann with horgenglarusSurface in collaboration with David Rockwell and 2x4Baars & BloemhoffEditamateria with Antonio AricòNittoAGC Asahi Glass, a project by Fabrica with Pierre Frey, Denis Guidone, Franco Mazzucchelli, and EILEEN FISHER presents DesignWork, curated by Li Edelkoort

Line Up

Here’s a round up of Ventura Centrale's second edition:

  • 9 abandoned warehouses
  • 10 exhibitors
  • 1 real American Diner
  • over 55.000 visitors
  • 2 Milano Design Award

Here are the exhibitors of Ventura Centrale 2018. 


Ventura Centrale is proud to collaborate with the following special partners.  

Centrale District is a Zone 2 Committee in Milan, born in July 2017 on the grounds of some of the largest and most prestigious hotels in the area between Piazza Repubblica, Stazione Centrale and the adjacent streets. The founding members are: LaGare Hotel Milano Centrale MGallery by Sofitel, the Hernandez Art Gallery, Best Western Hotel Madison and the Sheraton Four Points. A movement that is  born to cope with the problems of the neighborhood, motivated by the drive to progress and improvement of that part of Milan that is in effect the business card of the city: the Central Station.